Three’s Company With James Franco?


Ok, get this, kids.

The worst sitcom ever — except for My Mother The Car — has become James Franco‘s obsession to the point where he’s threatening to take it to the stage and/or big screen.

You see, Franco just did a Three’s Company-related art installation, and the original show’s creators were impressed with the seriousness of his vision.

So now he’s got the OK to take it to other media!

Three’s Company the movie, as done by an Oscar nominee?

Funny, I always thought that show was to screwball comedy as Cheez Whiz is to haute cuisine.

To my jaded little eyes, it was loud and obvious and hideously unfunny.

But maybe Franco can get Amy Adams and Helena Bonham Carter — and himself, of course — and the result will totally rock the Oscars.

Next up, how about Freaks and Geeks, The Movie?

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