Valentine’s Day Massacre: Crazy Dude Brings Ex-Gal Flowers, Kills Her, Kills Himself


Orders of protections didn’t do a damn bit of good for poor Guimmia Villa. The 32-year-old was working at the register at Crescent Chemists, on 34th Avenue in Long Island City, when her creepy ex, Alexander Figueroa, 38, walked in with flowers at about 3:45 p.m. Thursday. The Daily News captured the scene perfectly through witnesses:

“They talk and then I heard ‘Pop!'” said witness Maria Lombar, 65. “I saw her on the ground. She went down dead. Blood was all over.”

Less than three days before Valentine’s Day. Boy, he sure showed her. What a man. Figueroa split, and he wound up taking the coward’s way out.

Cops found him less than three hours later in his apartment on 36th Avenue. He had shot himself in the head and was dead. His last piece of drama was a written confession, which I’d love to get my hands on.

At least Figueroa didn’t go the extra step and kill their two kids, Alexander, 9, and Nelson, 6. He had been stalking her and hassling her for a long time. Cops were ordered to pick him “within the last couple of days,” sources told the Daily News. Which makes you wonder why they didn’t. More from the Daily News:

Figueroa, who had served time for attempted robbery and weapon possession, was arrested in November 2009 for violating the order by pushing Villa and taking her phone and wallet during an argument, sources said.

The case was due to be dismissed last month as long as he stayed out of trouble, but the final disposition was unknown.

Relatives said a raging Figueroa thumbed his nose at the stay-away order when he confronted Villa at the pharmacy last week.

“He said he was going to kill her if he didn’t get with her,” said her sister, Yajaira Villa, 28.

Two police sources said cops at the 114th Precinct were told to grab Figueroa if they saw him. The NYPD had no comment on whether they had looked for him.

“They could’ve prevented something dramatic like this from happening,” the sister said. “It makes no sense.”

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