Next-Level Grandma Gives Birth to Own Grandchild


For some reason, this concept — “grandmother gives birth to own grandchild” — makes me think of Russian nesting dolls. But that’s not actually how this went down. What happened is that 61-year-old Chicagoan Kristine Casey was a surrogate for her daughter Sara’s baby.

Casey’s daughter and her husband have been trying to have a baby for years to no avail. Casey had this, like, spiritual awakening and wrote the couple a letter offering to be their surrogate. But “she suggested that they forget about it if they found the idea repulsive.” Which they didn’t, obviously.

But isn’t it, kind of? Am I the only judgmental old prude who thinks this is slightly weird? If you were like, “I came out of my grandma’s birth canal.” I’m going to forget I ever wrote that sentence and never, ever think about it again. Oh, and actually this was a c-section. Never mind. Still though.

But that’s nice for this family, regardless of how squeamish I am. Little Finnean Lee Connell was born at 9:47 p.m. on Wednesday. Congrats, Mom/Grandma.

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