Egyptian Military Dissolves Parliament; Algerian Protesters March in Capital; Italian Women Rally Against Berlusconi (Sunday Links)


Sunday Links are a little protest-heavy. First — well, this isn’t really still a protest, but on theme nonetheless — Egypt’s military has dissolved the parliament and suspended the constitution. It says that it will rule for six months or until democratic elections are held. [CNN]

Meanwhile, Algerian protesters inspired by the Egyptians are demonstrating in the capital, Algiers. They’re demanding a new government along with greater democratic freedoms. The protests have been banned by Algerian officials. There are also protests happening in Yemen. [Al Jazeera]

And in Italy, thousands of women are rallying all over the country against Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi today, outraged at his most recent sex scandal. They’re chanting “Italy is not a brothel,” winningly. [Reuters]

Chilling new details have emerged about the events leading up to killer Maksim Gelman’s arrest: “Lozito’s sister said that Gelman told him, ‘You are going to die,’ before slashing him in the back of the head. Luckily, two transit officers were on the train.” [Gothamist]

A mother of three in Nevada has been charged with manslaughter after her children and their babysitter died as a result of their mobile home burning down. [NYDN]

“The honking you hear along Park Avenue in Echo Park isn’t coming from motorists. It’s just Maria the Goose, out for a spin with her friend Dominic Ehrler.” A story of man/goose love. [LA Times]

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