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Justin Bieber and Usher: What’s With That?


Is anyone else getting a little embarrassed by all the mutual loving displayed by Justin Bieber and his mentor, Usher, as seen on tonight’s Grammy awards?

We were gushily told it’s a “beautiful relationship,” then watched the two eye each other as Usher remembered, “I saw you in the parking lot…”

Then we were lavished with the video documenting how they first fell in love.

I don’t know. Creepy.

Other darkish Grammy thoughts:

*Screaming and screeching and flailing your arms around have nothing to do with Aretha Franklin! Don’t they know that?

*Mick Jagger looked like a chicken wing, but was totally fierce, scrambling around the stage like an old cocker spaniel.

*Lady Antebelleum is basically three Taylor Swifts (though two of the are male). I wish the presenters would have more often said, “The winner is Lady…Gaga.”

*As Streisand emerged on the TV set and started singing, a very young friend of a friend cutely commented, “She needs a nose job!”

Ah, the young. Maybe I need to be a mentor.

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