Here’s a Taste of the New Menus at Convivio and Alto


A week after announcing his replacements for Michael White at Alto and Convivio, Chris Cannon has released a few details about what they’ll be cooking.

When Terrence Gallivan debuts his new menu at Alto in mid-March, it will emphasize modern Northern Italian cooking, with dishes like buckwheat gnocchi with alpine cheese fonduta (the Italian version of fondue) and caviar, and slow-roasted venison served with yellow turnips, hen-of-the-woods mushrooms, espresso, and venere rice, a black rice that originated in China and has been grown in Italy’s Piedmont region since the late 1990s.

Over at Convivio, Giuliano Matarese will also debut his new menu in mid-March. It will continue the restaurant’s emphasis on Southern Italian cuisine. Expect the likes of seared octopus with chickpea fritters, celery, and taggiasca olives; and mafalde pasta, a flat, ruffled noodle that resembles a slender lasagna noodle, served with slow-cooked Neapolitan oxtail ragu and young pecorino cheese.

Heather Bertinetti, meanwhile, is also working on new dessert menus for both restaurants. At Alto, look for budino with manjari chocolate cake, cherry almond ganache, and caramelized chocolate crumble, and a cherry almond milkshake; and at Convivio, a zuppa di cioccolato with mint bergamot semidreddo and brown butter crisp.



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