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Mike Bloomberg’s Flight Records Reveal Flights


The Wall Street Journal did some digging in an effort to find out exactly where Mayor Bloomberg goes during the weekends. He came under fire for being out of town as the city was hit with a blizzard in late December. So where was the billionaire mayor? Bermuda. Probably.

The Journal found the records for Bloomberg Services’ fleet of aircrafts — the largest private fleet that uses La Guardia. Mayor Bloomberg never has to announce where he’s going for private vacations, so it’s unclear how many flights he was on of the 981 the Journal tracked between 2007 and 2010. Our guess? 300; it’s a nice round number.

Mayor Bloomberg, not the taxpayers, pays for every flight, even the ones for city business. He hasn’t taken a full week’s vacation since he took office. All very well and good, but where the hell was he when the city was tied up and held hostage by late December’s deathstorm? Bust him, Wall Street Journal!

Flight records show that a Dassault Falcon 900 jet operated by Bloomberg Services left La Guardia Airport for Bermuda at 9:02 am on Christmas Day, then returned the next day at 2:49 pm, as the storm was growing fierce. The Bloomberg jet was the last private plane to land at La Guardia that day, according to the FAA records. The mayor appeared at a storm-related press conference shortly afterward.

How dare he take a 29-hour vacation and rush back! Giuliani would’ve been shoveling the runways and wringing out people’s wet socks. He would’ve salted your sidewalk and helped your children make a snowman. Or, actually, that was Cory Booker.

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