New York Post May Not Approve of Andrew Cuomo’s High Approval Rating


Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, while fair and balanced 99 percent of the time, occasionally allows some bias to creep into one of its many media outlets. Hard to believe, but if you look very close, you can find it. So let’s play a game: Guess the News Corp. lede!

Today’s contestant is a new poll revealing Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo’s high approval rating. One of these paragraphs is from the News Corp.-owned New York Post, while the other is from the Daily News:

Gov. Cuomo has some fresh ammunition in his budget fight against the Legislature. A new Siena College poll shows sky-high approval numbers for the governor – on a personal level and for his bare bones budget proposal.


Gov. Cuomo is backed by an astronomical 77 percent of New York voters, despite a rancid economy and a cut-to-the-bone state budget plan that could lead to 10,000 state workers being laid off, a new poll out this morning shows.

Here’s a hint: “cut-to-the-bone” is scarier than “bare bones.”

Give up? Click here for the answer.

New Yorkers overwhelmingly support Gov. Andrew Cuomo, his stark budget plan: Siena poll [NYDN]
Cuomo boasts 77 percent approval rating, highest for NY gov ever: poll [NYP]

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