No. 8: Bean Curd Skin Noodles at Golden Palace


What a strange looking dish! What did you say those noodles are made out of?

Noodles can be made out of nearly anything: wheat, rice, corn, chestnuts, mung beans, chickpeas, potatoes — the list goes on and on. But some of my favorite noodles lately have been made out of tofu.

Yuba is the skin that forms on top of soy milk as it’s boiled. This is skimmed and pressed into thick sheets to make noodles (yuba has many other uses, too). The noodles are unlike any other noodles. They have a buff grayish color, and a rubbery consistency that’s tons of fun.

At Golden Palace, the noodles are flavored with sesame oil, toasted sesame seeds, flakes of red pepper, cilantro, and pungent Chinese celery. Needless to say, there’s no dairy in the recipe.

Golden Palace is a restaurant that specializes in the Dongbei cuisine of northeastern China.

Golden Palace
140-09 Cherry Avenue
Flushing, Queens

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