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The 10 Most Insane Comments About the Plight of the Single Lady


Wow, you guys have opinions! Some are kind and generous and wise and insightful, some are less so. But what can you expect from the Internet but variety? With regard to my recent cover story, there are more than 500 comments, not to mention the numerous emails I’ve received and read (thank to all who wrote). Interestingly, the majority are from men. It seems the thesis that women could be empowered to enjoy, even revel in, options other than marriage and having a family — and might actually be in control of their own relationship destinies — got to some of the less enlightened among them. Herewith, a collection of my favorite HOLY SHIT THE INTERNET IS SCARY comments, excerpted for your viewing pleasure:

10. The Person Who Didn’t Want to Read It in the First Place

Most guys I know don’t go for the kind of woman who would write this article. We like women who don’t analyze trivial crap to death and expect us to listen while she rants instead of relaxing after a hard day’s work with a beer and the TV.

9. The Short Man

Yup, sure enough several paragraphs into the article once again we see the ‘horror’ of dating a short man. As a guy of short stature that’s too bad, really, for both of us. I’ve been single for a few years now, and have been scoffed at openly by women due to my height. I have given up attempting to actively seek companionship. I am college educated, funny, confident, own my own company and ‘normal’ in all other regards. If I were five inches taller I would have been married years ago.

8. The Angry, Angry Man

Women today are a joke. I watch them move their mouths and they really think they are so hot and they are so far from that usually, almost always. It is so artificial and we know it and that is why we could give a damn less.

Wakeup ladies, its not all about you. I don’t even see American women as respectable any more at first thought. It is taking a lot more for guys to want to even be around most women, because they seem to want everything so handed to them without ever really being deserving usually. You know this especially if you have had the chance to travel and meet with other women outside of the city or in other cultures who have not lost their way.

I honestly avoid women a lot these days. I don’t want any of their negative energy coming close to me anymore. I can have my pick when I choose. It has always been easy to pick up a date when needed. Look at this article and all the losers this author dated. If a decent guy saw her out with any these men, do you think he would ever glance at her again?

7. The Pot Who Called the Kettle

Read the article, listened to the writer’s ideas. Seems to me that the writer is truly crazy. As in “psychotic and delusional.” How many guys have you had sex with? And you’re looking for a good man? Good men typically don’t dip in the cesspool. What you got right was: you are the problem. Thank you for not marrying and having children–we don’t need more generations as self-absorbed and narcissistic as you.

6. The Man Who Mistook Me for Someone Else

Actually want to thank the author for doing me a favor.

I was the guy who helped you with your pre-calc in high school.

I was the guy who explained the poisson distribution to you in your mandatory psych stats class.

I was the guy who always shared the scene releases of your favorite band before they came out with you because you weren’t tech savvy enough to figure out the internetz

I was the guy who wore a t-shirt and levi’s instead of an embroidered dress shirt and true religion jeans

I was the guy who chose to devote obnoxious amounts of time and effort into his schooling and software development career when I needed you the most during those formative late teenage and early twenties years.

I wanted to be loved by you and share what I could offer to you — it wasn’t much materialistically speaking at the time, but I did my best. An interesting conversation over a cup of Stumptown coffee will be remembered long after that Coach handbag goes out of style.

You ignored me.

Somewhere around age 28, the tables seemed to turn. I’m a little older, a little wiser, a little more fit, and after years of dedicated consulting experience, a little fatter in the bank account.

Now I run the show. Sucks to be you.

Living well is the best revenge.

5. The Staunch Defender of Community College

It is an inaccurate assumption that a community college education is of poor quality, or is only attended by the less intelligent. My wife and I both have used community college as a stepping stone to our undergrad and then graduate degrees (she is a CPA and I am an Environmental Engineer). I have also worked with a few ivy educated individuals and believe they mistook their own arrogance for intelligence.

Excuse us for choosing community college due to its practicality. The money saved from attending a small college the first few years was phenomenal.

4. The Person Whose Relationship I Saved!

I’m a Dallas man who has been considering a break up with my awesome girlfriend for the very reasons discussed in this article – OPTIONS! However, after reading this article, I was reminded that most women are bats@%^t crazy!

I’m a pretty lucky guy to have the girl I do. I won’t be going anywhere.
I want to thank the author for saving my relationship =)

3. The Person Whose Would-Be Marriage Was Destroyed by Carrie Bradshaw and Her Trollop-y Pals

Sex in the city has destroyed my would be marriage. it created an unrealistice image of what a man should be for a women to look for. and if the writer has been with that many men. She should be tested. thats all i have to say.

2. The Man Deeply Concerned With Manscaping

And what exactly IS it with the “shaved” thing going on today? Do chicks really dig going out with hairless men? I mean, it started with the baldies working their pathetic hair loss into some kind of cool “trendy” thing – but still, given the option, they ALL want to have a nice thick head of hair – if any man says otherwise, he’s either lying to you, or to himself, both of which are as sad as the grey crown of male patterned stubble on his head.
But now – we have grown men running around trying to look like hairless alien preteens!! Give it up al-freaking-ready!! Ain’t no way in he|| I’m sitting around wondering if my legs, arms, back, chest, head, or balls are in need of a shave! That’s bu||shit!! I don’t insist on my GF’s smoothing themselves to the state of prepubescent little girls, and he|| if any of them want me to do it to myself!
Ladies, you want hairless men? Get out of bars and go visit a Grade School.
Men – if you want to go hairless, then you really need to visit a Shrink who can help you through this Pedo-related affliction. just sayin’

1. The Slut-Shamer Who Can’t Get Laid

There reason single women in new york have so many problems is because too many of them have dated(really means just got fucked a bunch) a rich guy or someone well connected in the past and they think they should all be treated like super model princesses another reason is because too many girls move here trying to live the sex and the city dream but none of them realize that no self respecting man wants to be with a used up cum dumpster 30 something year old as a first choice!

most women here also buy in to the “city girl” mind set they tell their friends from poopsville idaho that living in the city is sooo awesome and they’re sooo fashionable but they go to douchey bars in murray hill half the time, dressed like tacky long island hoes and hang out with frat boys. They think because it’s ny that they can get fucked a million times and no one will notice…. guess what? EVERYONE KNOWS YOU’RE A WHORE!!!!

the last reason women in nyc are whores is the same reason so many guys in ny are players because you think the city is so large that if you sleep around no one will know so u can get away with being a whore guess what girls guys dicks don’t stretch out and get saggy from fucking too many people you’re the only one that looks like a retard!

Wow. Please, feel free to add your two, or 25, cents. If you’re feeling generous, throw in a few bucks. We’ll heart you for it.

Read the article here: Dear Single Women of NYC: It’s Not Them, It’s You.

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