The Recession’s Over! Candy Sales Rise This Year


Happy Valentine’s Day! And especially to all the candy and chocolate retailers out there — this year, people will be spending more on the holiday this year than last year.

According to ABC News, consumers are expected to spend $15.7 billion for Valentine’s Day, with the average person spending $115, compared with $103 in 2010. However, most of what is spent goes toward non-edibles like flowers (or sexy lingerie); only $1.5 billion dollars are spent on candy. Somewhat surprising, however, is that Valentine’s Day is the fourth biggest holiday for candy sales, according to the National Confectioners Association (following, unsurprisingly, Halloween, but also Easter and Christmas).

Still, though, when you figure that a box of heart-shaped chocolates only costs $4.99, that’s a lot of candy that’s going to be purchased and consumed today. But be an American and do this country’s economy proud and get thee to the chocolate shop and buy your loved one some sweets. Or at least buy a box tomorrow — hey, they’ll be half-price then!



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