Valentine’s Day Is Also National Condom Day!


Yes, it’s true, good friends. National Condom Day and Valentine’s Day fall on the very same day! Someone was either thinking, or not thinking, as the case may be, because just like Mother’s Day, every day should really be National Condom Day. (And thereby, the two shall ever remain separate.) Anyway, in honor of the dual celebratory event, a fellow clad in a white tank top with red angel wings was commissioned by Lifestyle Condoms as their “Condom Fairy” to pass out condoms in Herald Square and on the NRQ.

It took him 3 hours to give away his 300 condom supply. We’re not sure if that’s good or bad, but the condom folks told us, “In typical New Yorker fashion, people were either really nice and wanted to take a condom/talk to the LifeStyles Condom Fairy, or they totally ignored the fact that a guy in a tank top and bright red wings was RIGHT next to them on the subway (even though he was surrounded by a bunch of photographers).” We’re so predictable sometimes!

Also, two women bestowed the Lifestyles Condom Cupid with roses, which just goes to prove that romance is not dead, or something.

Yay National Condom Day! Screw you, Valentine’s Day.


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