Best Craft Beer Apps; Mayor Bloomberg Admits to Icing His Beer


A review of craft beer apps reveals that Android users have the best options: the Beer Expert, Brewster, and Beer Map. iPhone users get to crow about Pintley.
[NY Times]

Yet another study on the health benefits of red wine: Resveratrol can help boost the healing capacity of cancer-fighting drug rapamycin.

A new beer brewed in Rochester for California-based Winery Exchange Inc. is called Big Flats 1901, comes in a can, and costs just $2.99 for a six-pack.
[Wall Street Journal]

Vandals chopped down a great-great-“grandparent” of the Grüner Veltliner vine in Austria, which had survived wars and illness for 500 years.

Mayor Bloomberg admitted he likes to drink his beer with ice, provoking the ire and disgust of beer geeks everywhere.
[NY Post]

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