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Cabbie Does Very Good Thing by Not Stealing $100,000


Today the Internet is abuzz with news of the kindly cab driver who discovered a passenger had left $100,000 worth of jewelry and cash in the back of his cab and actually gave it back to said owner. What an act of generosity and honor! Because, you know, he really didn’t have to, and some cabbies have even been known to steal from you when you’re still in the car (none that we know, of course).

All kidding and accusations aside, Zubiru Jalloh returned the bag of money and jewelry from forgetful cab-taker John James, who fortunately remembered his receipt. Last night the two reunited, and Jalloh was rewarded for his lack of being a jerk with 10 $100 bills and an invitation to a Valentine’s Day party. Jalloh, who says “his Muslim faith told him to return someone else’s property,” declined.

Three cheers for the nice man!

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