Did Twitter Crash Today? No, But Your Third-Party Twitter Client Probably Did


Logging onto Twitter today and seeing a white screen titled “@anywhere boosh” was not uncommon for millions of Twitter users. Screams across the Village Voice offices were heard as our TweetDecks mysteriously just stopped updating themselves automatically. Whatever would we do with the inefficient “regular Twitter”!? We couldn’t get our breaking news fast enough! But some quick Googling revealed that the regular site was running fine. And as soon as we finished writing this, TweetDeck started back up again.

A blog from the Washington Post explains @anywhere as “Twitter’s Javascript API that the company announced in March. It enables developers to build Twitter functionality into their site.” Except, apparently, when it doesn’t.

The fact that Twitter lets you “boosh anywhere” sounds a little racy, but we’re kind of into it. Maybe too many people were “booshing everywhere” on Valentine’s Day and Twitter’s not in the mood to “boosh” anymore. C’mon, Twitter, at dinner yesterday, you told me that we would “boosh” way more regularly. You have a headache? Really, that’s the best excuse you can come up with. Oh, don’t turn off the lamp! C’mon…Twitter, you up?


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