DineTonite Launches, Adding to the Growing List of Restaurant Discount Sites


Just when you thought your inbox couldn’t get any more crowded with coupons advertising 30 percent off dinner comes a new, New York City-focused dining membership website called DineTonite.

So how is DineTonite going to differentiate itself? The majority of restaurants that are featured on sites like BlackboardEats, VillageVines, and Gilt are the sorts of buzzy places that are ephemerally popular, while the restaurants on DineTonite are lesser-known and include a lot of neighborhood joints (I Coppi, Alcala, Marmara, and Tree are four of the 26 restaurants currently featured). When pressed to explain why DineTonight is a better website than VillageVines, the site it most resembles, a representative noted that they have a real-time reservation system versus an email message; guests can make reservations up to one year in advance; there’s a lower booking fee; and it has more enhanced search features. Are those attractive enough to lure consumers? Perhaps not the die-hard foodies (yet), but the good thing about these restaurant discount sites coming to market is that, at the end of the day, everyone loves a deal.

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