Energy Drinks Have No Therapeutic Benefit? Shocker!


While it might not come as any surprise, at least there’s now medical evidence that energy drinks aren’t great for the youngins. A study published yesterday in Pediatrics reports that energy drinks have no health benefits for youth, and many ingredients found in these drinks are understudied and unregulated.

While not quite as bad as Four Loko, energy drinks have been linked to seizures, diabetes, cardiac abnormalities, and mood and behavioral disorders in children. Beverages laden with caffeine and taurine like Red Bull are consumed by 30 percent to 50 percent of adolescents and young adults. The study notes that of the 5,448 U.S. caffeine overdoses reported in 2007, 46 percent occurred in those under 19. Regulation of energy drinks may arise if additional research can prove that these drinks are, in fact, harmful. So stock up now while you can in the hopes of getting rich; people hawking Four Loko on Craigslist made a killing.

[Via Washington Post]

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