Joan Rivers Furious Over Oscar Snub


As sure as my name is Esperanza Spalding, Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work was one of the best documentaries of the year — funny, revealing, pungent, and wise.

But not only was it not nominated for an Oscar, it wasn’t even on their “short list” of 15 choices they narrowed down from!

And how does Joan feel about this travesty?

“Furious!” she tells The Daily, rightfully vexed.

“A head of a documentary board in England told me that we wouldn’t get an Oscar nomination because it’s not socially significant enough.

“What the fuck do you want?

“It’s about ageism, survival, and being a woman.

“It should’ve been nominated!”

Hallelujah! Does a showbiz doc have to throw in a segment on freakin’ Afghanistan to get any notice around here?

Another fascinating part of the same interview has Joan praising fur as an aphrodisiac.

“Fur makes women beautiful,” she asserts. “You take an ugly face and you put it next to a soft piece of fox and that face looks almost fuckable!”

I’ll be right back, kids. I’m running out to get a soft piece of fox.

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