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Josephine Baker Brings Her Bananas to the Stage


At the Mik Cire men’s fashion show at Lincoln Center, I enjoyed not only the clothes, but the whole scene that happens in the waiting area, where everyone’s mwahing each other in between enjoying the free wine bar and frappuccino samples.

(I got three, plus an organic candle that moisturizes your skin, some low-acid grapefruit, and a photo op on the hood of a Mercedes! I adore Fashion Week!)

After the show, I even got to talk to Deborah Cox, the singer of “Nobody’s Supposed to Be Here” who appeared in Aida and who told me she’s going into rehearsal to play legendary danceuse savage and activist Josephine Baker, the human pastry who made the French squeal with delight.

Cox said they don’t have a theater yet, but they’re shooting for Off-Broadway or Broadway for June.

Most importantly: Has she screwed in her headdresses?

“They haven’t made them yet,” said Cox, smiling. “Heavy artillery!”

Will you pay big bucks to see Cox’s big bananas?

I know I would.

Photos: Brian Christopher Cummings

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