Saigon’s The Greatest Story Never Told Is Out Today; Go Congratulate Him In The Bronx


Long-suffering NYC rapper Saigon, whom non-rap fans might recall from his brief stint on Entourage, has a new record out, The Greatest Story Never Told. Which is remarkable in that he’s been waiting nearly half a decade for someone to type that sentence — here is a Nah Right post touting a remix to excellent single “Come on Baby” from November . . . of 2007. So the man feels like celebrating, and no better place to do so than F.Y.E. on White Plains in the Bronx, where you can perhaps buy a copy of Story in person off Saigon starting at 6 p.m. “What took you so long?” is probably not a question you want to ask Saigon at this thing, FYI. Here is a Jay-Z-affiliated remix of “Come on Baby,” which is still great after all these years.

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