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The Huffington Post Trademarks the Letter “H” | Village Voice


The Huffington Post Trademarks the Letter “H”


For journalists, it’s worth wondering what kind of document request Gawker reporter John Cook used to figure out that Arianna Huffington and her recently really rich website The Huffington Post successfully trademarked two variations on the capital letter “H.” Maybe Cook just got a wacky tip from the inside (or his man in the patents building), but either way, he has the documents to prove that Huffington really did register two very specific instances of the eighth letter in the alphabet with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office: The first has “the letter H inside a square with rounded corners,” while the second, more ludicrous claim asserts ownership over a symbol that “consists of the letter H with a broad solid line below the H.” Yes, “H,” but underlined. See the paperwork here. And just like that, AOL’s long-term business plan comes into focus. No letter is safe. [Gawker]


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