Top Five Odd Future Songs They Couldn’t Possibly Perform On Jimmy Fallon




Odd Future, a/k/a OFWGKTA, a/k/a Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, are a teenage L.A. rap collective who’ve been raising a ruckus for a few months now. Tonight they hit Santos Party House for their second-ever NYC performance, but tomorrow’s the big one: They’ll be making their nationally televised debut on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

Those unfamiliar with this crew — the vast majority of Fallon’s audience, for example — are in for quite a surprise. To call Odd Future’s lyrics offensive is to engage in wild understatement. On leader Tyler, the Creator’s already acclaimed new track, “Yonkers,” he raps that “This ain’t no V-Tech shit or Columbine/But after bowling, I went home for some damn adventure time,” and that’s just one of the lines we feel comfortable quoting. Despite the track’s other moral indiscretions (he threatens to stab Bruno Mars in the neck), it’s pretty much guaranteed that he’ll play it on Fallon — it’s one of only two OFWGKTA songs available on iTunes, after all. So here are five Odd Future songs you will most likely not hear blasting from your television tomorrow night, and thank god.

Tyler, the Creator — “French”
This is just a nasty track throughout, which isn’t really surprising, as the album it hails from is named Bastard. Tyler tackles all sorts of, ahem, issues here, with the church getting a drug makeover: “I’m openin’ a church to sell coke and Led Zeppelin.”

EarlWolf — “Orange Juice”
Here’s more proof that Tyler and his perpetually absent partner in crime, Earl Sweatshirt, are fixated on rapping about killing people, best exemplified by the last lines of the first verse here: “He’s chopping up all the doubters, see/Now watch him count the bodies like bitches be countin’ calories.”

Mellowhype — “Chordaroy”
Mellowhype is anything but mellow, and this track features one of the better (if still wildly inappropriate) lines in the Odd Future catalog, courtesy of Tyler: “Don’t believe me?/Then watch me empty out a full clip/Trigger being pulled, n****s in a ditch/That wasn’t bullets, that was copies of Bastard, you bitch.”

Earl Sweatshirt featuring Hodgy Beats — “Moonlight”
A song about suicide that somehow manages to still be misogynistic? That’s Earl Sweatshirt for you. Managing to throw in a Nas dis is just the cherry on top of a very fucked-up sundae: “She made me a milkshake and forced me to try it/Nah, I ain’t Nas, get the fuck off my dick.”

Domo Genesis — “Rolling Papers”
Yep, this track is about weed — specifically, Domo raps about weed and sex and what happens when those two worlds collide. He even takes a crack at Miley Cyrus: “My shit’s so swift, I could gay Miley Cyrus up/But if she ain’t gonna smoke, it ain’t gon’ happen.” Fallon may be on late at night, but not late enough.

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