Will the Food Movement Replace the Green Movement?; And Just What Is in Our Fast Food?


The environmental movement might be dying, but the food movement could help change the way Americans eat and farm to be much greener.

Singapore is launching a food truck called Singapore Take Out that will travel the world, making its only North American stop in New York.
[Wall Street Journal]

A new study shows that consuming higher amounts of fiber, particularly from grains, can lead to a longer life.
[Wall Street Journal]

In light of the Taco Bell scandal, a look at how hard it is to find out just what ingredients are in fast food. Most chains decline to share such information.
[Wall Street Journal]

The number of New Yorkers on food stamps has soared to a record 3 million, an 11 percent jump from 2009 and 65 percent hike over five years.
[NY Daily News]

A suspected mass food-poisoning outbreak in Japan has sickened more than 950 kids. Three of the kitchens that deliver food to the affected school have been shut down.


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