Bill Clinton Only Sent Two Emails as President


“I sent a grand total of two emails as president,” Bill Clinton said at the Ford Foundation’s Wired for Change conference in New York today, “one to our troops in the Adriatic, and one to John Glenn when he was 77 years old in outer space. I figured it was OK if Congress subpoenaed those.” (Clinton, remember, was president for two terms beginning in 1993.) At the talk today, he cautioned that technology is a powerful, but potentially dangerous tool (see: incriminating emails). “Do we need technology? Yes,” he admitted. “But it needs to be in the service of building functioning institutions. The big problem in poor countries is they don’t have the institutions we take for granted.” There’s nothing like chuckling at the aged and out-of-touch to end the day. Wait until he learns how to clear his search history. [Fast Company via Politico]

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