Eater Gets Two New Restaurant Critics


Everyone’s a critic these days, ourselves included! But this city’s breed of restaurant reviewers keeps getting younger. First was Penelope Xin Yao Platt, daughter of New York magazine critic Adam Platt, who wrote up a four-and-a-half-star review of Ramen Takumi. And now Eater is introducing two kiddie critics of its own: Lucy and Max, a seven- and four-year-old brother-and-sister team who will pen reviews twice a month.

The duo’s first review was of Carroll Gardens’ Lucali, which they praised to the skies. Naturally, it “smelled like pizza baking,” and they said the calzone was like a “baked cheese sandwich.” All in all, a glowing review.

Following in their trend of unmasking critics (cough, cough), Eater published a photo of Lucy, although Max remains anonymous. But for all you restaurateurs out there, here’s a picture of their mom, since it’s doubtful that these kids eat out on their own.

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