List: Five Key Songs For Tonight’s Flight Of The Conchords Sing-Along At Bell House


If you desire relentlessly goofy, profoundly surreal live entertainment this fine Wednesday evening, might I suggest you follow your nose to the banks of the Gowanus Canal and avail yourself of, yes, the Bell House’s Flight of the Conchords Sing-Along, which will focus on season one (no “Carol Brown,” damn) and feature trivia, a David Bowie impersonation contest, “a Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenocerous audience freestyle battle,” a “Doggy Bounce Dance-Off,” and a live performance by FOTC tribute band the Mutha’uckas, who apparently exist.Also a pretty lady will be handed a kebab, a gesture she will most likely not understand. This sounds ridiculous. You should go. Here are the five songs you oughta know if you do.

“Inner City Pressure”
Tremendously poignant now, in the throes of a recession. Correct pronunciation of “muesli” a must.

“If You’re Into It.”
The love song. Invest in a glockenspiel and really lean into “Gettin’ lewd with two dudes for food.”

“Leggy Blonde”
The other love song. Major sexual-harassment potential here, so look out.

“Business Time”
A chillingly accurate portrait of marital romance. Required props: “business socks.”

“The Most Beautiful Girl (In the Room)”
Probably the best song from season one, and it will at least explain the kebab thing.

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