Michael Lohan Was Next to Me, Holding a Big Knife!


And I’m here, I’m still here.

CLICK HERE for my column, and I’ll tell you how that happened and how I got out of it alive.

Even more scarily, I also talk about a movie with disembowelment, rape/murder, and the words “I love cunt!” But the popcorn’s really good.

Plus I speak with Valerie Cruz, who plays “Zee” Alvarez on Off the Map, the show about doctors doing their thing somewhere in the Amazon jungle.

Cruz tells me quite frankly what it’s like to deal with the bugs, the reviews, and Meryl Streep‘s daughter.

For dessert, I fill you in on a Catch Me If You Can preview, some insight into the upcoming NBC series about Broadway, and more dish about how Spider-Man is dealing with the critics.

Get out your big knives!

Michael Lohan Was Next to Me Holding a Big Knife!