Nicole Kidman Plays A Surgerized Woman With a Closeted Gay Husband!


Is that a stretch?

The always game Nicole Kidman — who’s Oscar nominated for Rabbit Hole — appears in the new Adam Sandler/Jennifer Aniston comedy Just Go With It.

And according to the Variety review, she shouldn’t have just gone with it.
Says the review:

“Kidman gets a rather uncomfortable run through the ringer, shot entirely in the most unflattering clothes and light.

“Kidman is also given a closeted gay husband (rock star Dave Matthews) and required to ask [Sandler] for a plastic surgery recommendation.

“The filmmakers can’t have been unaware of her gossip-column history, and this all feels more like cruelty to the actress than knowing inside-humor.”

Or maybe she’s just having fun with her own gossip-column history?

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