Park Slope Moms Choose Herb


It is via our friends at Fucked in Park Slope that we come by this fragrant nugget, so to speak: When not sending their nannies off to fulfill “family hours” at the Co-op or teaching baby yoga or complaining about hat-gender-stereotyping, Park Slope moms are smoking the doooooobie!

(We’re just kidding about baby yoga, by the way; we know that’s a total stereotype, gender notwithstanding.) But we’re not kidding about this pot thing: The Brooklyn Paper‘s new mommy blogger, Stephanie Thompson, has suggested that the secret to happiness might be found by way of Humboldt County. Or Napa. Or both! She writes,

Do what it takes to enjoy. Take a little something (but not too much) to help ease the pressure, a puff of something or a little wine.

She also suggests more sex. Park Slope is looking a little more enticing these days!

Still, we’d suggest that Thompson ease up on the moderation talk. There’s nothing that will bust you as a “mom” sooner than talking about not doing “too much” of anything. Also, Thompson, you know that breathing in “the fresh air with a walk in the park [to] appreciate the beauty of nature” has nothing on simply inhaling in the comfort of your own brownstone and washing it down with a nice Pinot once Junior finally nods off. Own it.


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