New York



It’s been a while since we last got to venue-hop among downtown black-boxes for a theater festival, so Frigid is back to once again fill the void left by those departed warm-weather mega-fests. See how many of the 30 shows you can catch in 12 days. It’s for a good cause: 100 percent of box-office proceeds go to the artists who created the shows (that doesn’t usually happen at New York festivals). Some highlights on the largely solo-show roster are Hi, How Can I Help You?, Scout Durwood’s one-woman musical comedy about the sex-industry; My Pal Izzy, Melanie Gall’s biographical take on Irving Berlin, using some of his lesser-known tunes; and ONEymoon, Christel Bartelse’s tale about a woman who marries herself.

March 13-May 5, 2011

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