Rahm Emanuel Wants a Word With the Asshole Behind @MayorEmanuel on Twitter


The real Rahm Emanuel, who could be voted the next mayor of Chicago in less than a week, wants to meet the person responsible for the foul-mouthed fake Twitter account @MayorEmanuel. So much so that on the Roe & Roeper show, Emanuel offered to donate $2,500 or $5,000 as a “personal contribution” to a charity of the tweeter’s choice, should they identify themselves publicly. Seems like a pretty good deal, considering Emanuel even promised he’s not angry and said the tweets make him smile. But the @MayorEmanuel account seems unfazed.

Since the offer, the fake account has soldiered on without even acknowledging the real man. There’s something to be said for never breaking character. Messages today include, “I have the distinct fucking feeling that this is going to be a long motherfucking day,” and “We’ve been running through this wheat field for fucking hours now. It’s so hot, I ripped a sleeve off my shirt to wipe away the sweat.”

For the record, Emanuel’s real account has about 20,000 less than his cursing imitator.

Real Rahm should a) loosen up with the language, and b) thank the Google Gods that he’s not Rick Santorum.

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