Razor Clams Stage a Comeback; Beware the Publicly Hungry Actress


The group of Finnish artists and activists that kidnapped a Ronald McDonald statue, and promised to behead it in a grisly terrorist-style video, did so when their so-called demands weren’t met.

Graydon Carter and Ken Aretsky were apparently interested in taking over Elaine’s, says manager and heir to the restaurant Diane Becker. And might still be, says a source.
[NY Daily News]

Restaurants like Strip House, Kin Shop, and Corsino are embracing the skinny razor clam, which until recently was mostly found in Asian restaurants.
[NY Times]

Neighbors of a new Asian market in Flushing that replaced a Key Food are upset at the lack of American products on store shelves.
[NY Daily News]

Beware the skinny actress who professes her love of food too enthusiastically. DIPEs (documented instances of public eating) are great publicity ploys.
[NY Times]

Following a reality show in Belgium about a popular cookie called speculoos, or biscoff, producers from across the country are fighting over who invented it.
[NY Times]


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