Red Jacket Orchards’ Tart Cherry Stomp


True, pickings at the Greenmarket are relatively slim these days, unless you’re a root vegetable fanatic or eat a lot of free-range, antibiotic-free turkey. But while fruit season may still be far, far away, Red Jacket Orchards is fortunately eternal, and their Tart Cherry Stomp is the next best thing to a fistful of actual tart cherries.

As advertised, the eight-ounce, $2.75 bottles do indeed contain plenty of tart cherries, stomped and mutilated beyond recognition into a delectable concoction that has plenty of pucker to go along with its sweetness and light. There’s lots of pulp lurking at the bottom to lend evidence of the bottle’s claim that it holds “100% fruit nectar.”

True, it’s no substitute for a cherry crisp or a nice pie with lots of scarlet juices bubbling around its latticed edges. But it’s February, and we’re grateful that if the weather’s driving us to drink anything, it’s cherry juice.

Red Jacket Orchards
Union Square Greenmarket
Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday


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