Robert Sietsema at Red Rooster; Lauren Shockey at Edi & The Wolf


This week in the Voice, Robert Sietsema enjoys the “wacky fusion” of East African, Scandinavian, and North American at Red Rooster; Lauren Shockey gets her schnitzel on at Edi & the Wolf.

Sam Sifton echoes what pretty much every critic has to say about Bar Basque: “[T]here is much to enjoy about eating this restaurant’s food. There is little to enjoy about the actual restaurant, though. Bar Basque is a strange, glass-walled and tube-shaped spaceship …”
[NY Times]

Steve Cuozzo does not find graffiti-themed Graffit so groovy: “With respect to [chef-owner Jesus Nuñez’s] love for ‘inventive’ Spanish cuisine, our dining plates did not ask to be streaked and squiggled like 1980s subway cars.”
[NY Post]

Adam Platt finds hits and misses at Ai Fiori: “Will the bumps at this uneven, strangely featureless restaurant be smoothed out over time? Possibly. … But the process takes time, and in the new, post-[Chris] Cannon era, [Michael] White is clearly feeling his way.”
[NY Magazine]

Jay Cheshes is thoroughly unimpressed with Compose: “[W]hile Nick Curtin, the 23-year-old kid in the kitchen, gets points for audacity, his food is too precious, derivative and short on thrills to merit its exorbitant price tag (the prix fixe runs $120 per person).”

Gael Greene mostly suffers through her meal at Stadium Grill: “Obviously Stadium Grill will not be giving the nearby Lambs Club much of a bruise. Not even with a menu designed by [David] Burke, the exuberantly creative punster.”
[Insatiable Critic]


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