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TSA Agents Steal $40K From JFK Passenger’s Bag; Anyone Missing $40K?


Two TSA agents were arrested today at JFK for stealing $40,000 from a passenger’s bag. The New York Times reports Coumar Persad and Davon Webb “took the cash from a passenger’s piece of luggage that had contained a total of $170,000 in cash.” Is it just us, or does $170,000 seem like something you should stow overhead?

The Daily News reports that the heist was a thrilling combination of looking at X-rays and walking into rooms:

The source said the agents worked in tandem. One would watch for money as the bags were screened, then notify the other about the loot. One would swipe the money once the luggage was placed in a baggage room.

The Times adds to the suspense with a daring trip to the food court:

Mr. Ryan said that when the two men split the proceeds, Mr. Webb got $16,000 and Mr. Coumar got $24,000. Investigators said they recovered nearly all of it; only $20 was missing from Mr. Coumar’s share, they said.

“He admitted that he had taken $20 to buy food,” Mr. Ryan said.

Questions remain: Why did Coumar get $8,000 more than Webb? Was he the one who watched the scans or did he go into the baggage room? How much food can you buy at JFK with $20? Who is this mystery passenger who checked a bag with $170,000 in it? Where were they going? Did they tip the skycaps? Were they flying coach? Was Mrs. Monopoly traveling with them?

Watch this space.

J.F.K. Security Agents Charged With Stealing $40,000 [NYT]

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