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10 Crazy Facts Learned From New York City’s Complaint Records


New Yorkers love to complain. When we walk down the street we get sidewalk rage, and when we’re at home, we can’t stop complaining about everything around our homes. 311 just released an interactive map that lets you track complaints over the past year in categories from noise to traffic and everything in between, including public pools. We combed through the database and pulled out 10 things most of you probably haven’t even thought to complain about yet.

  • According to this map, there are no “scenic landmarks” on Staten Island, which proves that the city thinks there’s nothing absolutely nothing to see on Staten Island.
  • People from Flushing, Bay Terrace, College Point, Whitestone, Malba, Murray Hill, Linden Hill, Beechhurst, Queensboro Hill, and Willets Point (Queens community board 7) — and not the people around the Second Avenue subway line — like to complain the most about construction.
  • New Yorkers don’t care what we drink or breathe (“air and water quality” is one of the least active complaint groups).
  • The city accepts complaints “about plain bottled water” and “the federal government handles complaints about carbonated or flavored bottled water.” There have been only 18 complaints made about bottled water in the last year.
  • The neighborhoods of Highbridge and Concourse in the Bronx have the worst elevators in the city (426 complaints).
  • Manhattan is, of course, the best plowed borough and Staten Island is the worst. There have been more than 15,000 complaints about snowfall from Staten Island residents in the past year.
  • The 208,408 residents of Community Board 12 (Inwood and Washington Heights) complained the most — 48,616 requests over the last year, meaning about one in every four residents made a complaint.
  • Greenpoint-Williamsburg is Brooklyn’s noisiest neighborhood (according to complaints, at least).
  • The only complaints for “people requesting money for unwanted car window washing” last year were recorded in Manhattan.
  • Chinatown and the Lower East Side complained about graffiti the most last year.


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