29-Year-Old Hottie Beat Sugar Daddy Boyfriend to Death With His Own Cane


A 29-year-old woman, Kristina Pongracz, is being charged with murdering her 77-year-old boyfriend William Herchenrider. The 48-year age gap didn’t stop the couple from living, presumably happily, together for 10 years — until Herchenrider tried to end the relationship. It was then that Pongracz beat Herchenrider brutally and put him in the hospital; weeks later, he died. Her choice of weapon? His own cane. Since both of them have such complicated last names and because we can do these things, we will be referring to Pongracz as May and Herchenrider as December for the duration of this post.

According to the New York Daily News the beating was quite the crazy one:

[May] attacked her elderly beau in a drunken rage, tore his flesh with her fingernails, threw patio furniture at him and nearly ripped his ear off…[police] found the old man bleeding and cowering on all fours, while [May] was passed out in her underwear and covered in blood.

May is one of the best MySpace superstars we’ve seen in a long time. This is the only song there:

Check out this picture of the cute pair at Christmas:

Notice December’s bare feet and May’s ridiculous up-do. Family portrait if we’ve ever seen one!

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