A Woman in Park Slope Is Knitting Sweaters for Trees


Perhaps you live in or have visited Park Slope and have noticed the trees on 16th Street clad in sweaters — cozy, hand-knit, brightly colored sweaters. Perhaps you’ve wondered what sort of person would do something like knit sweaters and dress trees in them. If you have, your answers are here. The Park Slope Patch has located the sweater-lady, Laurie Russell, 57, and asked her about her hobby. Apparently, this whole thing happened because she didn’t have a dog.

“I knit as a hobby, and I was tired of making scarves,” said Russell. “I had knit one or two sweaters, but I’m not a very advanced knitter. I was looking at dogs, sausage dogs, and thinking about what a fun sweater shape that would be. But I don’t have a dog. So I started looking at trees as a simple ‘sweater.'”

She’s been knitting tree sweaters for years now; with each year comes a new “tree sweater.” This year’s was turquoise. The yarn is all-natural. Of course it is, it’s Park Slope!

Russell will remove the sweaters come spring, probably right around the same time that your dog can finally break free from the confining shackles of its cashmere cardigan.

Tree Sweater Mystery Solved! [PSP via @effedparkslope]

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