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Anna Wintour Is Highly Protected This Year


Everywhere you turn your fashionable head at Fashion Week, there she is — Vogue empress Anna Wintour, looking magisterial and divoon, darling.

Or is that her?

It’s hard to tell because she’s always surrounded by at least two burly bodyguards!

Ever since PETA decided to target Anna for promoting terribly chic dead animals, she’s been dodging all sorts of unfurling banners and tofu pies.

So she wisely has protection! Large men, each the size of 12 of her magazine’s models mashed together.

The problem is, even people who know the lady can barely get near her to give her a pie to eat!

Maybe Anna should stop promoting fur and save on the bodyguards?

Nah. She’d still be a target for people trying to rip off her sunglasses.

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