Fashion Week: Standing O at Dennis Basso’s Fur Explosion; Orange Lips At Retro-Chic Milly Show


Watching guests arrive at the Dennis Basso Fall runway show was more like watching Animal Planet. We’d say about 80 percent of them had fur on, and about 75 percent were blond. We’re not sure what that says about fur consumers — we just thought we’d throw that out there.

For a second, we were paranoid, looking over each shoulder, waiting for the PETA clan to sneak up from behind and drench us in red paint. But they were nowhere to be seen, perhaps because they secretly know that Basso makes really beautiful coats.

Plus alligator jackets, bags, totes…but that’s not all Basso was selling. We loved his short-knit dresses, and the use of chocolate brown, black, and gray tones. One extravagant fur jacket was a marigold chinchilla with a matching bag. The show’s finale was a black knit top and a long black fur skirt with black arm warmers. Then the stout, white-haired designer came out to take a bow and was greeted with a standing ovation. These ladies really love their fur; we’re talking to you, Ms. Hoda Kotb! So guard your pet foxes — and your alligator, for that matter — Basso might be on the prowl for his next line.

The first look to come out at Milly was a look we’ve seen a lot of this season: pleats! And this Fall show had lots of them, though the difference, here, is that designer Michelle Smith used bright colors to make her vintage line pop with chic.

The orange lipstick the models wore really brought the ambience of a ’60s Paris trip. Smith also used corduroy in long skirts and preppy blazers. We’ve never seen orange paired with hot pink before, but somehow it seemed to work here. Our favorite look was the shiny emerald ruffled dress with brown boots and a midnight blue wool twill blazer. (We’re not sure if animals were harmed in the making of this outfit.)


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