For the Next Two Days, Blame Everything Bad on the Evil Solar Flare


You would have had no way of knowing it, geography being what it is, but a solar flare exploded over the sun on Monday. Now we’re getting the trickle-down effect of its radiation, the biggest effects of which will be felt over the next 24 hours. So far China is blaming the solar flare for disrupting radio communication. There may also be blackouts!

This is the largest solar flare in four years, but fortunately, physicist Dean Pesnell says “It won’t hit us dead-on.”

What you can expect: auroras, a reddish glow in the night sky, a possible interference with communication and navigation satellites and ground-based communication networks and power grids, and an easy scapegoat for whatever other annoying thing happens to you today and tomorrow. Kinda like how it felt when Mars was in retrograde.

Solar flare radiation expected to hit starting today [LAT]

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