Geoffrey Rush Is Channeling a Duck


Let me explain.

Oscar winner Geoffrey Rush — nominated once again, for The King’s Speech — was interviewed onstage at the Directors Guild Theater the other night, and I was there to soak in his wit and wisdom.

Rush said he’s a big fan of the ’70s American cinema, particularly films with Robert De Niro and Harvey Keitel.

But the Aussie admitted that their methody kind of “stay in character all day” approach to acting doesn’t work for him.

“My greatest worry,” he explained, “is if you do that, you may end up doing your best work at the Craft Services table.”

A stage actor who landed in films in his 40s, Rush said his own movie acting style is usually pretty vigorous, and “I do tend to spill out in the frame.”

His thesping role model?

“I look to Daffy Duck!” he deadpanned.

How dreadfully lowbrow! My icon is Snagglepuss.

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