Mayor Bloomberg to Axe More Than 6,000 City Teachers


Mayor Mike Bloomberg is set to announce that he plans to eliminate 6,100 teaching positions from the city’s schools — that’s one out of every 12 — according to Mike Bloomberg’s media company.

Bloomberg’s Administration will layoff 4,666 teachers and lose another 1,500 to attrition. UFT President Michael Mulgrew — who is vehemently opposed to the Mayor’s plan to cut positions regardless of seniority — says the city has already lost more than 5,000 teachers to attrition in the last two years.

Bloomberg News reports that the cuts to education come at a time of increasing tax revenue in the city, but a falling level of state and federal education aid.

Politico’s lead cover story this morning lays out how teachers are under assault nationally like no time ever before. Traditionally, teachers have been able to consider Democrats staunch allies on issues of class size matters and saving tenure. But even President Obama (though his budget calls for more education spending overall), as well as Governor Cuomo, are talking tough to teachers right now. In the past few years, someone has stepped in to save teaching positions in New York before the pink slips took effect. It’s not clear that will happen this time.


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