Michael Alig Has Written a Musical About Lady Gaga


This Saturday night in Toronto, there will be a performance of Of a Monstrous Child: a gaga musical, in which two people play Lady Gaga and someone playing British club provocateur Leigh Bowery is “the electronic emcee.”

But that’s not the shocking part.

Says the show’s director, “I will promise a genuinely moving acoustic duet of ‘Pokerface’ as sung by Lady Gaga and Michael Alig.”

In fact, former club kid leader Alig is listed as the show’s co-writer!

I know you all want Alig to rot in hell, but the director defends working with a convicted murderer.

“Firstly, I believe in the justice system, and I also believe in an innate human solidarity which leads me to have faith that people can be rehabilitated.”

Furthermore, “I made a show about Mother Teresa, whose fanatical Catholic crusade against contraception, abortion, and divorce indirectly caused countless deaths in India and around the world.

“Alig, on the other hand, directly caused the death of one person in a drug-fueled rage.

“Alig’s crime is grizzly and horrifying, surely, but why is it that Mother T is on the fast track to sainthood and Michael is condemned for all time?”

Yeah, but at least Mother T never wrote a musical.

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