Paris Hilton Visited the Port Authority Bus Terminal for Her Birthday


While going to Port Authority on your 30th birthday seems less auspicious than some other things one might do, Paris Hilton is a risk-taker. New York Times‘ City Room blog reports that she was spotted there, with boyfriend and entourage, this afternoon “in the inevitable high heels and platinum coiffure, an hour and a half late” — not to catch a bus to Atlantic City or another lofty venue but to go to a lunch party organized by the United Service Organizations, which has an office in the terminal.

Several members of the USO, a nonprofit that gives support to military families, had eaten lunch and left before she got there. But she’s the birthday girl and she can show up late and keep the military waiting if she wants to.

To New Yorkers’ credit, “travelers and Port Authority employees raised a few eyebrows, but most seemed unfazed” by her presence.

At the Bus Station, Who Else but Paris Hilton? [NYT]

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