Protesters Killed in Bahrain; SEC Charges ‘Amish Bernie Madoff’ With Fraud; Seinfeld’s Uncle Leo Dies


• At least 5 have been reported dead, and 200 wounded, after police unexpectedly stormed a reportedly peaceful protest in Pearl Square in Bahrain’s capital of Manama. Some were apparently shot in their sleep. The military has announced that such gatherings are banned, but protesters say they will return to fight the country’s absolute monarchy. [NYT, NPR]

• The SEC is going after the “Amish Bernie Madoff,” Monroe L. Beachy, who raised $33 million from more than 2,600 investors but lost more than half of their money in an alleged Ponzi scheme. [WP]

• BP says that the proposed settlements for the BP oil spill are “too generous” and overstate the “likely damage.” [NYT]

New jobless claims have risen in the last week by 25,000, to 410,000. The number of those collecting extended payments decreased while the overall number of people collecting unemployment stayed about the same. [Bloomberg]

Paris Hilton has turned 30. To celebrate, she had a Moulin-Rouge-themed party and her boyfriend gave her a Lexus. [NYP]

R.I.P. Len Lesser, or the man who played Uncle Leo on Seinfeld. Lesser, who was 88, died in his sleep yesterday morning in Burbank due to complications from pneumonia. [CNN]

• The Barney’s Warehouse Sale is now on. Line-standers were heckled by children this morning. [Racked]

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