Watch Odd Future’s Tyler the Creator and Hodgy Beats Terrify Brandon T. Jackson, Felicia Day, and Basically All of America on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon


Still of two minds about the whole, “Screw that mask I want that girl to know it’s me”-as-mass-entertainment thing about Odd Future, but then again we’re conflicted about a lot of art we love, and who could fail to be moved by the spectacle of Tyler the Creator inspiring what looks to be genuine, if momentary, fear in not just last night’s innocent guests Brandon T. Jackson and Felicia Day but also Fallon himself, who had to know what he was in for? Still, he looks far from comfortable during most of this, especially when Tyler is screaming in his face (video via Pitchfork):

Make sure to watch to the very end, when a hyperventilating Mos Def wanders out to scream “SWAG” into the camera as Fallon tries to send the whole thing to commercial–or at least pry Tyler off his back.

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