New York

$9 Million in Opium Found in Plastic Cats at JFK Airport


The Daily News reports that federal agents at JFK Airport have seized a bunch of acrylic cats used to hide more than $9 million worth of pure opium, which is exciting on two levels. First, that opium smugglers are operating actively! Second, that they might be cat lovers! When agents X-rayed the cats, they found 205 pounds of opium in plastic packages inside the cats, which had been bound from Thailand to a New York-area address.

No arrests have been made…yet. But the agents are still pretty proud of themselves: “This interception illustrates CBP’s ability to utilize the right mix of intelligence, technology, and officer expertise,” said Robert Perez, director of CBP’s field operations in New York.

Sadly, the cat tchotchkes have been ruined.

Federal agents seize $9M of pure opium hidden in acrylic cats at JFK Airport [NYDN]

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