Apple Store Employee: ‘I’ve Never Been Treated So Badly in My Life’


Along with speculation that Grand Central Terminal is getting its very own Apple Store comes the anonymous insider’s account “Confessions of an Apple Store Employee” from Popular Mechanics. In all, it’s not very scandalous, but if Apple is really going to occupy 16,000 square feet in our city’s most iconic space, that means one thing: job creation. Is it worth it to work there? “Sometimes it’s like working at McDonald’s, with better pay,” said the employee. “I’ve never been treated so badly in my life.”

The anonymous Apple peddler goes on to complain about the culture of competition, teenagers who use the public computers and how it’s basically “a cult.” Also, drug dealers — they love the Apple Store:

You can tell them instantly just by how shady they act, and they know you know, but you obviously can’t start accusing them of being drug dealers–they are customers, after all. But when they try to check out, they’ll use what are obviously fake IDs or fake credit cards, and it often turns out they’re using a dead person’s Social Security number or something. And when you call them out on that–then, they run.

The perks, though, come when Apple launches a new product, though the employees find out about it when the rest of the public does. Then the important work begins and they’re rewarded for it, sort of:

Somebody told me that the 5th Avenue store in New York had a masseuse during one launch, and that another store had a kiddie pool full of goldfish as, like, a Zen thing. They also really emphasize how important it is for us to stay hydrated, and we can get big bonuses if we work really long hours on a launch day.

If you keep your head down and work hard, says the employee, you can even make it to the Genius Bar. “Who doesn’t want to be a genius?” the writer asks. It’s rhetorical.

Confessions of an Apple Store Employee

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