‘Calvin Klein Is Obsessed With Your Article’


At the Townhouse bar last night, a guy told me he was one of the guests at the illustrious Calvin Klein party for his paramour Nick Gruber.

So how was it?

“It was a total shitshow!” he declared as some of the bar’s customers suddenly looked alive.

“But get this,” he went on. “Calvin’s furious at anyone who didn’t show up. One of his best friends didn’t make it, and he’s in a rage.

“People are coming up with all kinds of excuses, and some are not sure if they should call him, because they’re afraid.”

I guess “I didn’t want to risk getting herpes” isn’t a good enough excuse.

But here’s the best part.

Calvin is obsessed with your article!” the guy claimed.

He meant my original blog about how Calvin was embarrassing himself with this gushy late-life romance with an ex-porn player.

Not that the designing legend thinks I’m right, mind you.

“Calvin’s really in love,” swore the guy. “If he’s capable of being in love.”

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